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Committed to quality service at your door and on your schedule


Pezz the Mechanic

From building bikes with spare parts at 8 years old to maintaining military aircrafts in the Marine Corps, I have a passion for fixing things and a love of bikes.

Certified technician with a smiling face!


The Shop

The shop is a Toyota Tundra outfitted with a sealed camper shell and built in shop amenities. Portable stand, complete PARK TOOL mechanics tool set with folding work bench and portable compressor. You have probably seen me around town


Mobile Bike Aid knows everyone has things to do. We understand flat tires aren't planned and bike shops can be too tough to get to on a schedule. Bike shops keep your bike for days at a time and you often leave with more stuff than you wanted. 

We want to make sure you get your bike fixed on your schedule and at your convenience. We pride ourselves in our work and keep our promise to keep you riding with a smile. 

The bike shop comes to you with Mobile Bike Aid, from basic tune-ups to replacing parts and adjusting your ride, we keep you on 2 wheels and riding smooth.

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