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Committed to quality service at your door and on your schedule


Pezz the Mechanic

My journey through the world of mechanics has been nothing short of fascinating. From my earliest days at just 8 years old, I was already building bikes from spare parts, igniting a lifelong passion for fixing and tinkering with all things mechanical. During my time in the Marine Corps, I had the incredible opportunity to maintain and work on complex military aircraft, honing my skills to the highest standards of precision and reliability.

Today, I proudly hold the title of a certified technician, armed with a toolkit of experience and expertise. But what truly sets me apart is the genuine joy I find in my work. My smiling face is not just a part of my service; it's a reflection of my unwavering commitment to providing the best solutions for your bike. With me, your trust is in the hands of someone who doesn't just fix bikes; I breathe life into them

The Shop

The shop is a mobile marvel, housed within a meticulously customized Toyota Tundra, complete with a sealed camper shell that conceals a world of built-in shop amenities. Equipped with a portable stand, a comprehensive PARK TOOL mechanics tool set, a folding workbench, and a portable compressor, we bring a fully functional workshop wherever we go.

Chances are, you've crossed paths with us in town, as we take pride in being a familiar presence in the cycling community. Our commitment to providing top-notch bike services on the move ensures that wherever you spot us, you'll find expertise and convenience rolled into one.


Mobile Bike Aid knows everyone has things to do. We understand flat tires aren't planned and bike shops can be too tough to get to on a schedule. Bike shops keep your bike for days at a time and you often leave with more stuff than you wanted. 

We want to make sure you get your bike fixed on your schedule and at your convenience. We pride ourselves in our work and keep our promise to keep you riding with a smile. 

The bike shop comes to you with Mobile Bike Aid, from basic tune-ups to replacing parts and adjusting your ride, we keep you on 2 wheels and riding smooth.

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